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Issue 545 | 23/03/18

Issue 545 | 23/03/18

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

1 Headlines 1.1 New proposals, consultations & decisions One new modification has been added since the last register: SSE’s RG004 Review of iGT Governance and Administration Arrangements, raised 1 March One new consultation has been issued since the last register: The workgroup report consultation for iGT103 Inclusion of Reference within iGT UNC to UNC TPD Section G Paragraph 2.12 – 2.14 Inclusive - Meter Point Portfolio Reconciliation, closing 13 April Aside from the above, one consultation closes before two weeks on Friday (13 April): The fast-track modification consultation for iGT108 Updating references for UNC434, closing 6 April No modifications have been withdrawn since the last register. ...

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