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Issue 556 | 15/06/18

Issue 556 | 15/06/18

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

1 Headlines 1.1 New proposals, consultations & decisions Three new modifications have been added since the last register: National Grid Gas’s UNC662 Revenue Recovery at Combined ASEPs, raised 12 June Utilita’s UNC661R Reconciliation and Imbalance Cash Out Prices, raised 11 June Centrica’s UNC660 Amendment to PARR Permissions to Allow PAC to Update with UNCC Approval, raised 8 June No new consultations have been issued since the last register. Two consultations close before a week on Friday (29 June): The urgent modification consultation on UNC658 CDSP to Identify and Develop Improvements to LDZ Settlement Processes, closing 18 June The workgroup report ...

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