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Issue 4 - Q3 2018

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

1 Headlines 1.1 Revenue developments In Q3 2018, the main issues that could affect your revenue are: Approval of TERRE code modifications – Ofgem has approved the BSC and Grid Code modifications that implement Project TERRE (Trans-European Replacement Reserves Exchange) into GB arrangements. This will enable customers and aggregators to participate, in addition to all Balancing Mechanism (BM) parties The Ofgem’s rejection of CMP275 – The regulator has rejected a proposal which would have stopped BM Units (BMUs) from accessing multiple sources of overlapping revenue from ancillary services on the same asset. Ofgem decided this could increase costs and may limit the pool of providers per service Work to widen access to the BM – National Grid (NG) published its Roadmap on Wider Access to the Balancing Mechanism, setting out the commitments and actions it plans to take to improve and expand participation in the BM Review of exclusivity clauses for revenue stacking – NG is also looking at potentially allowing service providers to stack revenue from multiple flexibility services on the same asset. This would be on the condition that they do not compromise their ability to comply with live contracts Removal or reform of the Enhanced Reactive Power Service (ERPS) – Competing modifications have been raised by NG and SSE, respectively seeking to either remove the ERPS since no bids have been received in seven years, or to reform it to make it fit for purpose 1.2 Cost developments In Q3 2018, the main issues that could affect your costs are: ...

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