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Issue 170

Steven Britton Steven Britton Senior Analyst

BSC Panel approves two proposals on data publication The BSC Panel approved self-governance modification P372 Speeding Up the Approval Process for the Publication of BSC Data on the BMRS on 9 May. This will simplify the governance arrangements and reduce the timescales for the publication of certain data on the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service. A selection of reports will be moved into a Code Subsidiary Document and no longer require the detail to be changed through the full modification process. The Panel also approved P384 The Publication of European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EB GL) Balancing Data by BMRS, which will ensure that balancing information required under the EU Electricity Balancing Guidelines and the European Transparency Regulation is available to market participants and that the BSCCo and National Grid ESO are compliant with EU legislation. If there are no appeals of the decisions by 30 May, implementation of P372 will be on 27 June and implementation of P384 is scheduled for 18 December. Elexon P372    Elexon P384   Ofgem approves modification to implement revised Engineering Recommendation Ofgem has approved a modification that will update the Grid Code to reflect revisions to the Distribution Code Engineering Recommendation P28. GC118 Modification to the Grid Code to Accommodate the Recent Distribution Code Modification to Engineering Recommendation P28 –Voltage Fluctuations and the Connection of Disturbing Equipment to Transmission Systems and Distribution Networks in the UK was approved on 9 May and provides recommended planning limits for voltage fluctuations for connection of equipment to the electricity system. P28 ...

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