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Issue 11

Joe Camish Joe Camish Analyst

The following updates to the May edition of this report are: the Tender results for May 2018, State of Charge Management Guidance, CMP300, CMP275, Market News and DNO/DSO updates.   Tender results for May 2018 were published on 17 May 2018 by National Grid (note, this was a month-ahead tender round). A total of 53 tenders were received from 33 units, fewer than the 77 tenders from 33 units received in the previous month. 26 tenders were accepted, representing a 49.1% success rate. The most dominant reason code given was 2.0 (price), continuing from the April tender round, impacting 42% of the submitted tenders in May.    Nine of the tenders were for dynamic FFR. Participants included: Limejump (Battery), Open Energi (Battery/DSR) and Scottish Power (Gas). 17 tenders were for static FFR Participants included: Attune (Bio fuel), Balance Power (Bio fuel), Electricity North West (Unknown), Equivalence Energy (Bio fuel), PeakGen (Diesel), Precise Energy (Bio fuel), Upside Energy (Diesel) and Valence Power (Bio fuel). Accepted tenders represented a total of 1,500MW of response, while rejected tenders equated to 2,521MW. Successful dynamic prices averaged £8.8/MW/hr, with a minimum price of £3.6/MW/hr and a maximum of £22.5/MW/hr. Accepted static prices averaged £1.7/MW/hr, with a minimum ...

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