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To maximise the profitability of your business, and to inform your strategic and operational decisions it is crucial that the information on which you are basing your conclusions is independent, accurate, and up to date. Through our unique combination of deep industry knowledge and practical experience, Cornwall can help you keep up to date with the latest market developments and help you understand their impact on your business.

Throughout the retail energy sector new entrants and innovation are challenging  traditional operating models and margins are being squeezed. Competition is stronger than ever before and there are growing opportunities for linking supply, decentralised generation, demand side management and innovation enabled by smart metering. Meanwhile multi-faceted market reform has put competition, transparency and decarbonisation at the top of the agenda. Cornwall works with established suppliers, new entrants and TPIs to help them understand the opportunities and risks associated with retail markets and to compete effectively in this space.

We provide a number of reports deigned to provide market players with the insights needed to succeed in this market. Our outputs bring clarity to often complex areas, giving you the accurate and reliable information needed to underpin your business planning:

  • Weekly Retail Brief – understanding public perceptions of your company and what your competitors are up to is crucial when it comes to understanding what actions you need to take to increase market share and avoid negative publicity. The Weekly Retail Brief provides you with an overview of developments in GB energy supply markets, giving you an indication of your competitors’ strategies and ensuring you are aware of media references relating to your business
  • Domestic Market Metrics report – there are a number of indicators reflecting changes in GB energy supply markets, but keeping track of them and understanding movements and trends over time can take resource away from your core business. By providing an overview of all industry indicators, the quarterly Domestic Supply Pack allows you to analyse your own performance and that of your competitors and spot trends over time, providing you with the information needed to support your business strategy and prove that interventions that you have made are having the desired effect
  • Domestic Supplier Insight Service – small and medium suppliers now hold a significant proportion of the market. Collectively they have become a seventh Big Six company, though it has always been a mistake to assume that these companies think and act in a similar way. Indeed, one of the most notable aspects of the market over the past couple of years has been the diversity of strategies employed by companies to win customers. The Small and Medium-sized Supplier Pack provides you with an in-depth analysis on supplier activity, routes to market and propositions, helping you monitor your existing competitors, new market entrants and providing you with ready-made briefings that can help inform your business strategy
  • Domestic Tariff Report – with competition in domestic retail energy markets increasing and restrictions on the number of tariffs you can offer being lifted, it is crucial that your propositions are priced to support business growth. The Domestic Tariff Report will help inform your proposition development and benchmark your relative position by keeping you up to date with branding and tariff changes by suppliers, and energy retail market metrics
  • Domestic Smart Metering Market report - GB energy suppliers are required to offer a smart meter to every customer by 2020. Our new report allows you to track domestic suppliers’ roll-out strategies and progress towards their obligation.The report also provides insight on suppliers’ smart-related propositions helping you understand the impact of the rollout on retail market competition
  • Non-Domestic Supplier Insight Service - with third party intermediaries becoming a more important route to market it is crucial that your propositions are priced to support business growth. The Non-Domestic Supplier Pack will provide you with valuable insight on your competitors business activities and help to inform your proposition development The Non-Domestic Supplier Pack provides you with an in-depth analysis on supplier activity, routes to market and propositions, helping you monitor your existing competitors, new market entrants and providing you with ready-made briefings that can help inform your business strategy
  • Supplier Market Share Surveys– understanding of your share of the retail energy market is crucial to prove that marketing strategies and business objectives are having measurable impacts. The Supplier Market Share Surveys (covering domestic and non-domestic markets) allow you to see your market position, track changes over time and understand which of your competitors present the most risk to your business. Unique in the market the Supplier Market Share Surveys are the industry standard reference point for information on these opaque, but fast-moving, markets
  • Third Party Intermediaries in the Business and Industrial Supply Markets– how third party intermediaries (TPIs) operate in the market has continued to evolve and we can now see they clearly represent suppliers’ main channel to new customers in both SME and I&C sectors. To understand your competitors and make the most of the services these organisations offer it is important to understand how TPIs win business, retain customers and charge for their services. The Third Party Intermediaries in the Business and Industrial Supply Markets service provides you with detailed analysis, covering over 200 organisations. The service provides insight into market changes, new products and supplier engagement.
  • SME Price Analysis (electricity or gas) – as a non-domestic supplier or third party intermediary understanding your competitors’ offerings is key to securing future contracts. The SME Price Analysis service helps inform your proposition development and helps you track your competitors by providing you with an independent assessment of the prices available in the SME sector
  • Energy Supplier Forum– whether you supply the domestic or non-domestic market as a small or medium sized supplier your task is more difficult than most. Not only do you have to keep track of current and upcoming policies and regulations impacting your business, you are expected to do so without the resources available to larger suppliers. Energy Supplier Forum provides you with a platform to connect with other businesses in a similar situation ask questions to Cornwall’s experts and our industry speakers and hear about current and upcoming changes that could bring about risks or opportunities for your business
  • Consultancy support– whether you are developing market-entry strategies or you need independent advice to inform your strategy or business plan, you can depend on Cornwall. Selected for our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, commercial know-how and experience, we have helped a broad range of clients tackle their toughest challenges
  • Training and events– our trainers aren’t just experts in their field, they bring information to life. Our courses are designed to support the development of individuals and improve their knowledge of GB energy and water markets

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