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Issue 45

Alex Wynn Alex Wynn Analyst

The market focuses on disparity between the fixed and variable markets In September average fixed tariff prices increased across all supplier groups. This comes as a time when the market is focussing on the disparity between the cost of fixed and variable tariffs, and has been a focal point of political rhetoric over fairness in the energy market. Short fixed tariff prices saw the largest increases, with Large Supplier tariffs costing £24/year more in September compared to August and SaMS tariffs costing £14/year more. In the domestic retail market, there is now more choice for consumers than ever before, with 150 fixed tariffs recorded in September. Despite this, concern remains over whether consumers are on the best deals. Ongoing pressure on suppliers regarding the cost of their variable tariffs culminated in government announcing a price cap across all standard variable tariffs on 12 October, just outside of the reporting period ...

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