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May 2019 update

Jess Scragg Jess Scragg Year in Industry

First new fully-licensed suppliers enter in almost three monthsTwo new fully-licensed suppliers launched in May 2019. Lite Energy and GOTO Energy were the first such entrants since Social Energy announced its official launch at the end of February. Lite Energy launched through a Utiligroup supply solution and was founded by Ben Jones, previous Managing Director of Extra Energy, which failed in November 2018. Lite Energy’s website states that it will be accepting switches “in the next few days” and requires all customers to agree to have a smart meter installed on or shortly after the supply start date. GOTO Energy also officially launched in May via a Utiliteam supply solution. It is a renewable supplier and says its billing systems are “among the most advanced in the world”. Its website is currently accepting switches. Also this month, Northumbria Energy relaunched as an electricity-only supplier. It previously operated as a white label of Brilliant Energy before the supplier ceased to trade, and is now offering the same payment waiver service that Brilliant Energy previously offered. The supplier was founded by Tim Cantle-Jones, ex-Director of Future Energy, but he is no longer associated with Northumbria Energy on Companies House. Hackney and Basildon Councils were also both looking to sign a white label energy supply and services agreement with a supplier in May. Hackney Council was looking for a renewable supplier with an expected contract value of £11mn-£45mn, while Basildon Council was looking to sign a ...

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