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Issue 34

Highlights - September 2017

Busy period for price changes despite static wholesale costs Wholesale prices in October were relatively stable, remaining between £330/year and £340/year during the month, following around a 13% increase between July and the end of August. Despite the recent stability many suppliers have changed the price of their cheapest tariffs In total 19 suppliers changed the price of their cheapest tariff in October. Ten of these changes were price increases and nine decreases. M&S Energy made the largest price rise, increasing its cheapest tariff by £93/year to £1,083/year. npower and EDF Energy also made large increases of £79/year and £68/year, bringing their cheapest tariffs to £1,014/year and £1,079/year respectively In contrast British Gas launched its All Online Jan 2019 tariff at £1,011/year, £95/year cheaper than its cheapest tariff in September. SSE also made a large reduction, decreasing the price of its cheapest fix by £68/year to £992/year New regional pricing strategies from large suppliers British Gas and Sainsbury’s Energy (the British Gas white label) both launched a new cheapest tariff to the market (All Online Jan 2019 and Price Freeze November 2018). These are now their respective suppliers’ cheapest tariff (roughly £100/year less than their September deals) Both tariffs are priced at two levels, below £955/year or above £1,055/year. British Gas’s tariff offers its cheapest rates in the Eastern, East Midlands, North West, Southern and Yorkshire regions. Whereas Sainsbury’...

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