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Issue 27

Themes this quarter Suppliers specialise to differentiate from the competition Given the number of competitors in the non-domestic sector, suppliers are tending to specialise in a particular segment of the market to grow their market share. DONG Energy Sales is focusing on I&C customers, while Dual Energy is targeting SMEs. Both are making significant headway in expanding their customer bases. Equally, the market has seen the emergence of different business models as suppliers seek to differentiate their service offerings. These models vary from wholesale screen-based platforms designed to support the biggest energy users, to green specialists seeking to promote 100% renewable energy options for small businesses. In our last report, we touched on the growing interest amongst suppliers in the provision of multi-utility offerings. This pack introduces a new multi-utility supplier category which will track developments in this sector going forward.  The momentum this quarter has come from water suppliers active in the deregulated business water market in England and Scotland, with Anglian Water signing a ‘white-label’ agreement with Corona Energy and Castle Water signing a unilateral sales agreement with Scottish Power, allowing it to sell energy to its business water customers.  Gas market continues to concentrate The gas market has seen continued concentration of market share by volume in the hands of just four suppliers. Gazprom Energy, Total Gas & Power, Corona Energy and DONG Energy Sales supply around 62% of the gas market by volume. Whilst the supply of electricity to the smallest and ...

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