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What's changed? Celebrating 750 issues of Energy spectrum

Nick Palmer Nick Palmer Senior Writer
22nd February 2021

Today marks 750 editions of Energy Spectrum, our flagship publication which covers news and insight on the energy market. To celebrate, we present six Energy Perspectives from past publications, going as far back as 2005, which we believe still have relevance today. 

Issue 4 – ‘Smart metering’ - Energy policy’s missing link?

In one of our first Energy Perspectives from October 2005, we highlighted the potential of smart meters but called for leadership from the government and regulator for a supplier-led role out to be most effective. The programme is still not complete.

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Issue 104 – Down your way: The problem of how to stimulate distributed energy markets 

Back in 2008 we were wondering how to stimulate the benefits of distributed energy markets. We still use a “one size fits all” energy market design.

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Issue 410 – Endangered species? Independents’ prospects in the event of a price freeze

In early 2014 we feared that “independent” domestic suppliers could be stymied in the event of a tariff freeze. Such an idea went from a Labour proposal to Conservative government policy, and the latter is still grappling with what to do with it.

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Issue 461 – Waving the baton: The prospects for an ISO in Britain

In 2015 we considered the prospects for an independent electricity system operator (SO) in Britain. It looks like we could soon see an independently-owned and managed SO.

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Issue 583 – Between the acts: The prospects for an ISO in Britain

In 2017 we discussed how the gas market would need to reinvent itself as heat decarbonises. We touched on the future for regulated gas networks, the role for hydrogen and green gas plus considered supply security as the major Rousgh storage facility came off the system.

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Issue 744 – RIIO-2: The one before RIIO-3

In 2021 we analysed the first network price controls in the post-net zero target era. We suggested the regime would need to be flexible to acconodate changing net zero policy priorities and that, if Ofgem secured lower financial returns for the companies, it would mark a major reset.

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