Integrate to Zero: Carbon and cost reduction opportunities from integrated energy in GB

This report summarises the current market landscape, opportunities, and barriers to offering integrated energy propositions to consumers in Great Britain (GB).

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Energy storage and flexibility

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Cornwall Insight and CPI are delighted to present an update to our 2022 paper on industrial electrification, 'Addressing the cost of electrification'. Our latest paper, 'Addressing the cost of electrification: A 2024 update on decarbonising heat for energy intensive sectors', highlights the changing economic and policy environment, and suggests a...

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Smart Energy GB – Turn on, Plug in, Cash out: Unlocking the value from smart meter-enabled EV flexibility

We are currently working with Smart Energy GB on our latest insight paper, which will assess the value of smart and V2G electric vehicle (EV) charging within a flexible energy system in three snapshot years of 2025, 2030, and 2040. Watch this space for the full insight paper, coming soon.

Energy storage and flexibility

Integrate to Zero – Rewarding consumers for flexibility: global market highlights

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Low carbon generation

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Regulation and policy

Supporting Renewables

Understanding policy impact on the cost to the consumers of renewable development in Northern Ireland Cornwall Insight Ireland’s report for RenewableNI finds that appropriate support for renewable generation in Northern Ireland can be expected to reduce overall cost to consumer. The Department for the Economy (DfE) is in the process...

Regulation and policy

Race to net zero: Rebuilding investor confidence in the UK

Increased macroeconomic pressures and rising international competition have left the UK at risk of falling behind in the race to attract investment in the net zero transition. In this paper, we examine these headwinds alongside a discussion of the short and long-term changes to the Contracts for Difference scheme that...

Power and gas networks

The shifting sands of Liquified Natural Gas in Europe

As we look ahead to a second winter with heavily reduced levels of Russian pipeline gas being supplied to Europe, one of the key variables in the stability and security of European gas supplies and prices will be the supply of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). In this paper, we discuss...