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COVID-19 Lessons on the path to net zero 2050

Nick Palmer Nick Palmer Senior Writer
3rd June 2020

In our latest podcast, Senior Consultant Craig Lowrey and Senior Writer Nick Palmer discuss Craig’s Energy Spectrum piece on the lessons from the current lockdown for the path to net zero. They look at the current low demand-high renewables situation and what we can learn for the future of the GB energy mix.

Craig analyses the generation mix changes we’ve seen during the lockdown, looking at the volatility of wind and gas generation levels. As of mid-May, there had been 23 hours of negative day-ahead hourly wholesale prices – 16 of which occurred in April – Craig considers this increased prevalence of negative pricing and what this could mean for GB’s future energy system. Additionally, Craig talks about what was left out of the Energy Spectrum piece, a section on the potential role for green investment in the post-COVID economic recovery.



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