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Crystal Balling – future power prices and the impacts of net zero

James Brabben James Brabben Wholesale Manager
5th August 2020

In our latest podcast, Wholesale Manager James Brabben, Modelling Manager Tom Musker and Senior Modeller Tom Edwards come together from different locations to discuss our latest views on long-term power prices.

Part of a series covering our assessments of the future wholesale power market, the trio discuss the latest results from our Benchmark Power Curve service and highlight the some of the opportunities and challenges for new build assets arising in an environment of dynamic change and no little uncertainty.

Bringing out the short-term drivers of COVID-19 and the long-term impacts of net zero, they explore what a typical day in the power market may look like by 2030 and some of the challenges this creates for managing generation, flexibility and power price levels.

Our experts focus on three themes:

  1. How net zero is likely to impact the power market
  2. Where wholesale prices could be in 2030 as a result of this and what the generation mix may look like
  3. The challenges of price cannabilisation for renewables assets