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Energy Spectrum & Daily Bulletin

The Energy Spectrum service captures key developments across the energy sector and offers a timely, insight-driven overview of the need-to-know news and changes in the industry.

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Energy Spectrum Ireland & Ireland Energy Weekly Bulletin

The Energy Spectrum Ireland service captures all the important developments across the energy sectors and is an excellent source of news on the ongoing changes to the dynamic Irish and Northern Irish energy sectors.

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Energy Market Bulletin

Whether you are an energy executive, trader, broker or investor, the Energy Market Bulletin will help you make better investment and contract decisions. It will allow you to manage your exposure to risk, improve your opportunities to hedge, and increase your visibility into wholesale energy markets.

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White label & bespoke content

Distinguish your company from your competitors and provide your staff and clients with valuable insight into the energy industry. Our expert team of researchers, analysts, and writers can create a publication tailored to your exact requirements. Whatever you want to achieve, we can make it happen - saving you time, while minimising cost and stress.

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Chart of the Week

Our complimentary Charts of the Week analyse the latest news and updates in the energy industry. Our charts offer a visual way of understanding complex issues and are complemented by our experts analysis.

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2030 is a critical point in the transformation of UK energy; the vision to achieve this is emerging. We know the basic outline and where we want to get to but overlaying the solutions of today on the challenges of tomorrow will not work. We need to think about what we will want for or energy system in 2030 and design the future model to deliver that vision. Energy:2030, which is published monthly will provide you with the news and insight from the GB and elsewhere that will help you navigate the future.

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SEM Chart of the Week

A weekly publication to help you understand and take advantage of the opportunities arising in Ireland and Northern Ireland energy market.

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Pixie Chart of the Week

International and local energy and water markets are undergoing massive change and transformation, to keep track of these changes and to provide you with insights on the work of the Pixie Energy team, we are delighted to launch our new industry information service - Pixie Chart of the Week

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Irish Energy Market Bulletin

Being a part of this ever-changing and increasingly globalised energy market, it is essential that industry stakeholders have access to clear, independent and reliable information on wholesale market developments.

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Water Weekly

Water Weekly will help ensure you stay ahead of the game, delivering the need-to-know news for the water and wastewater community. It allows you to track industry developments and the drivers behind them, ensuring you have the information required to grow your business.

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Energy Spectrum Australia

Energy Spectrum Australia captures key developments across the Australian energy sector and offers a timely, insight-driven overview of the need-to-know news and changes in the industry. 

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