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Now FiT export is going, what next?

Nigel Cornwall Director

For the first time BEIS has stated that it intends to close the export tariff for new small-scale generation. It has not ruled out intervention beyond 1 April 2019, but has placed the onus firmly on the industry to demonstrate why a guaranteed route to market has merit. BEIS’ plans were set out in its Consultation on The Feed-in Tariffs Scheme, released on 19 July, with a call for evidence made in an accompanying document to identify the role that small-scale generation can play post-FiT closure. With the closure of the scheme after nearly nine years of activity (as seen in our timeline) the use of a guaranteed route to market for small-scale generation will be essential. New opportunities that will create choice and deliver new sources of income for smaller generators around flexibility and capacity are still some way off, and there will always be a significant diseconomy of scale for sales of power. At a time when the government is actively talking up the prospects of the importance of Industrial Strategy and devolving this, it would be an act of economic vandalism not to provide a safety net for small-scale generation if it wishes to sustain supply chains and preserve ...

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