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Driven: mobility service offer on the rise

Jacob Briggs Consultant

On 7 February, E.ON partnered with vehicle leasing specialist ALD Automotive to offer mobility, financing, and energy services to both business and domestic electric vehicle (EV) customers in UK and Europe. It became the third supplier to announce a wide-ranging arrangement with a leasing company, following ENGIE with Arval and Scottish Power with Arnold Clark. These arrangements can offer benefits to both parties, centred around providing mobility as a service. Through its ALD Automotive partnership, E.ON intends to provide a wide range of services, including consultancy, planning, installation, operation and maintenance of charging infrastructure, as well as fleet management and e-car sharing solutions. End-to-end approaches such as this allow providers to maximise the customer value captured in bundled propositions and offer a route to EV customers for those involved. Realising these benefits requires a compelling customer proposition, with route to market and digital capabilities critical. Utility retailers could realise significant benefits from the electrification of transport by securing access to greater volumes, accessing revenue from adjacent spaces, and deepening their engagement with customers. However, these parties are not naturally placed along prospective EV customers’ journey. As such, partnerships with intermediaries as above, or with vehicle manufacturers such as Ecotricity and Volkswagen or Vattenfall and Volvo, can prove key in accessing the market. However, horizontal integration can present a risk to suppliers, for example the launch of Volkswagen’s German direct supply venture, Elli. The digital capabilities underpinning these broad portfolio propositions are increasingly key. With smart charging ...

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