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It's the final countdown ... 2019 in review

Veronica Truman Head of Content & Communications

As 2020 approaches we trade in our reports for gift wrapping and our coffee is set aside for mulled wine. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the topics of 2019 that have garnered the most interest from our complimentary Chart of the Week publication. Our popular weekly publications are an opportunity for our team to provide insight on the latest industry news. Based on download data these are the top five most popular Chart of the Week’s from 2019. Five: Bootstrap Bill: Western Link HVDC & BSUoS (3 May)  Avoiding transmission constraints not only allows greater volumes of renewable power to flow onto the system but also reduces the amount of money that National Grid has to pay to turn off windfarms in Scotland. This keeps the transmission system stable. In this Chart of the Week, we looked at the relationship between BSUoS charges (where constraint costs end up) and activity on the Western Bootstrap. Addendum: The correlation between the availability of the Western Link HVDC and higher BSUoS charges continued throughout the year, with charges generally higher and more volatile during April and May when the link was offline before becoming more stable from June to November when the link was operating at full capacity. Four: The long game – profits from domestic energy supply (9 May) Understanding just how profitable domestic supply is, has been a long-term concern about the energy market. Since 2009, the Big Six have had to publish separate financial accounts for their generation and ...

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