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Keeping busy: Industry workstreams mount up

Steven Britton Senior Analyst

Change has always been a constant of the energy industry but the number of major workstreams underway in recent months is extremely high. This week’s Chart of the Week shows just some of those facing market participants at the moment, with green showing supply-side issues and red those that cut across the whole industry.   There are plenty of other change programmes and reviews that have been left off the chart for the sake of concision. We could easily have also included network charging reform, RIIO-2, the gas industry’s travails with transmission charging reform and Unidentified Gas, and the outcome of the government’s review of the Electricity Market Reform programmes – specifically the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference support for low-carbon generation.  Some of these are long-running programmes such as the deployment of smart meters and price caps in the domestic market. In an ideal world these would drop off the radar at the close of 2020, but it is widely accepted that the smart meter rollout will not be completed for some time after that date, and it seems unlikely that the market will transform quickly enough that conditions will have sufficiently changed to enable the domestic price cap to lapse. Others have only cropped up this year. BEIS and Ofgem kicked off their joint review of code governance in December but it only really got serious with workshops held in February. It is unclear just how long this programme might take, ...

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