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Grand unveiling: Dynamic Containment goes live

Joe Camish Senior Analyst

At 11pm on 1 October National Grid ESO debuted its new frequency response service, Dynamic Containment (DC). This is the first in a suite of new faster-acting response services, designed to address significant frequency deviations when they occur on the transmission system.   The roll-out of this new post-fault response service will help to respond to frequency events faster (with response times of no more than one second), and should see the ESO make fewer interventions to manage system frequency as a result – with the stated aim of lowering overall balancing costs.   Unlike other response services, DC will be procured at the day-ahead stage via daily tenders running seven days a week, moving frequency response procurement closer to real time. Due to the fast response times batteries are anticipated to make up the majority of providers, though all technology types can participate. At the time of writing, the DC service has seen six parties accepted, these are; EDF Energy, Flexitricity, Habitat Energy, Arenko, Sembcorp Energy and Zenobe Energy. Overall, nine battery units are participating. Initially a limit of 500MW of low frequency response will be procured each day, though this is set to evolve to 1GW next year, along with the introduction of a high frequency response product. To date 3,916MW has been procured up to 22 October, with daily accepted service volumes averaging 186MW per day. Successful participants are paid an availability fee over the duration of their contact. So far, we have seen service prices range between £11.4...

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