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Ofgem’s plans revised due to COVID-19

Emma Bill Lead Research Analyst

In this Chart of the Week we consider what the changes to Ofgem’s Forward Work Programme (FWP) mean for some of the regulator’s key deliverables during 2020-22. On 16 April, Ofgem issued an online update on the re-planning of its priorities and workload over the coming months in light of the impacts of COVID-19. Please note that the deliverables presented in Figure 1 were not all necessarily due in April, rather this is to represent where we are now. On the retail side (yellow arrows in Figure 1), Ofgem said that it will delay the publication of its market-wide half-hourly settlement consultation and draft impact assessment. May is the expected date for this consultation which should include clarification on data access for settlement. Also due is Ofgem’s statutory consultation on proposals to reduce prepayment self-disconnections as part of the regulator’s updated Consumer Vulnerability Strategy (CVS) 2025. The proposals would introduce a new requirement on suppliers to identify customers who are self-disconnecting and self-rationing, formalise the emergency, friendly and discretionary credit offering by suppliers, and incorporate the Ability to Pay principles within the supply licence. As part of Ofgem’s work on protecting microbusinesses, the regulator’s policy consultation on proposals to improve operation of the microbusiness market is due to be published in a similar timeframe. From June onwards, we can expect Ofgem’s policy consultation on expanding the scope of supply licence derogations to enable suppliers to bring innovative offerings to their ...

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