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Ofgem Switching Programme regains momentum

Emma Bill Lead Research Analyst

This 'Chart of the week' follows the seventh edition of Cornwall Insight’s Faster Switching Service (FSS), issued on Monday. Our FSS is designed to help readers understand Ofgem’s major industry programme to deliver faster and more reliable switching for consumers. The service comprises two elements: a walk-through of the entire Switching Programme; and important developments, discussions and presentations delivered at programme meetings during the last quarter. The programme will reform electricity and gas switching process and reduce the time taken for a switch to complete once the new arrangements are live in mid-2022 (Figure 1). The end goal is for switching timescales to be reduced so that a domestic customer may request a switch and be with their chosen supplier by the end of the next working day. Non-domestic switches will have an additional 24 hours built in to provide a longer objections period. Underpinning the new arrangements is the Retail Energy Code (REC), a new dual-fuel industry code for suppliers, distributors and the Data Communications Company (DCC) responsible for a new Central Switching Service. The programme has returned to business as usual after being subject to a three-month relief period due to COVID-19 and three months of remobilisation efforts. The FSS sets out the developments that followed including the adoption of a “rebaselined plan” by the Switching Programme Delivery Group on 27 October. All programme participants are expected to align their plans to this updated plan, which Ofgem said must be completed to the point that ...

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