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What might compete in upcoming Capacity Market auctions?

Lee Drummee Analyst

The next round of Capacity Market (CM) auctions are set to take place in March 2021, starting with the T-1 (Delivery Year 2021-22) on 2 March followed by the T-4 (Delivery Year 2024-25) on 9 March. The prequalification window for these auctions have been open since 20 July 2020 and will close on 11 September, with prequalification results scheduled to be published on 6 November. Multiple changes to CM rules as well as the underlying technology mix is set to alter competition levels in the auction. Amongst the changes are: a new minimum size of 1MW for all CMUs (previously 2MW), long-term STOR is now able to enter the auction, unproven DSR can get multi-year agreements for the first time, and new de-rating factors have been set for multiple technologies including battery and DSR units. As a result of these changes, the CM will potentially see higher levels of competition with a greater amount of capacity able to participate. In this Chart of the Week we examine the potential technology mix that could enter the T-4 auction in March 2021 and compare it to the previous T-4 auction. Our view of potential assets that could participate in the T-4 auction comprises assets that have participated in previous CM auctions (both successfully and unsuccessfully), excluding plant that already have active agreements for 2024-25, as well as new build assets that we expect will be able to commission in time for the Delivery Year. We see CCGT capacity representing 41.0% of potential 2024-25 participating capacity, compared to ...

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