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A busy policy schedule for the coming year

Veronica Truman Head of Content & Communications

On 25 February, Cornwall Insight hosted its first Net Zero Business Forum of the year. The Net Zero Business Forum provides insight and analysis for businesses and public sector organisations looking to decarbonise their power, heat and transport needs. This online bi-monthly forum keeps members up to date with the latest policy and regulatory changes and outlines the implications for their roles and organisations. One of the aspects we covered in this issue was the busy policy agenda for the year. Despite the flurry of information at the end of 2020, in which we saw the 10 Point Plan and Energy White Paper that answered some of the questions we had over policy direction, there are still several strategies and consultations due out this year. There was some expectation that the Budget this week would provide some direction ahead of the Net Zero Treasury Review, due out this spring, but there was no mention in the Budget. We hope the review will show us the Treasury’s thinking on how net zero should be paid for and who should pay for it. The changes planned for the consumer market highlighted in the Energy White Paper should start to become clearer in the coming months, with various consultations expected on proposals that could transform the way consumers interact with suppliers and TPIs. The releases highlighted in this Chart of Week are just a handful of what is due to come out this year. Transport is expected to feature heavily, with the Transport Decarbonisation ...

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