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In this issue, we focus on the impact of the Climate Change Act 2008 ten years after its inception. We consider the UK’s progress in meeting its carbon targets as well as other countries’ ambitions to meet their own targets.

Continuing our focus on local markets, we present an article by IGov’s Jess Britton reviewing the shifting focus on the local dimension of the energy system. We also consider recent successes of peer-to-peer energy trading start-up Verv.

Considering future networks, we present the outcomes of an Energy Networks Association event in November on networks’ role in delivering a flexible future energy system. We look closer at four new projects that are receiving funding through the Network Innovation Competition.

Over the last couple of months there has been considerable interest in potential pathways for decarbonising GB’s heat network, and we analyse four reports covering this issue.

As always, we have our regular update of electric vehicle charging innovation developments and demand-side and supply innovation.

Turning our attention again to flexibility, we look at two reports considering challenges in achieving a flexible future in the UK and Germany. Further coverage of the European energy sector comes in the form of an overview of recent efforts to address cyber-security.

In the US, we consider proposed market rule changes to provide energy storage operators with greater opportunities to participate in wholesale markets.

We also consider recent rule changes in Australia, this time governing better planning and procurement of system emergency reserves through the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader.

Finally, we consider reviews of both the electricity transmission and distribution network charging arrangements in New Zealand and look at the final phase of retail market liberalisation in Singapore.

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