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In this month’s issue, we turn our attention to recent developments around prospects for microgen in a post-FiT world. Community and Renewable Energy Scotland modelling has identified some limited cases where generators can still be economically viable, although we still await details of the government’s proposed smart export guarantee.

Our new markets focus this month covers peer-to-peer projects that exhibit blockchain-enabled trades, including the landmark “HoSEM” research project. We also look at the smart energy Responsive Flexibility Orkney project, and a round-up of presentations on local/community energy business models and energy trading from the UK Energy Research Centre’s recent Annual Conference 2019.

Ofgem has announced the five successful projects to have passed the Initial Screening Process for the 2019 Gas and Electricity Network Innovation Competitions at the end of April, and we look at these as well as other flexibility initiatives being undertaken by distribution network operators.

We look at two low-carbon heating reports: one into how alternative heat solutions can accelerate the implementation of low-carbon heating solutions for a small- to medium-sized town in the UK, and the other addressing the most efficient low-carbon heating upgrade pathways for five common UK housing types. We also have our usual update of EV and related charging developments round-up.

Our Ofgem reform programme coverage this month considers the Switching Programme, and data cleansing to address reliable as well as faster transfers.

Our international coverage catches up with the debate around transmission loss factors in Australia’s National Electricity Market. In Europe, we look closer at a net zero emissions target in France that could be enacted in law, as well as a study calling for changes to the target model design for electricity intraday markets. Elsewhere, the New York Independent System Operator published its annual grid and markets report, outlining the multitude of factors reshaping New York’s complex electric system. We also have our monthly Ireland energy market update, adding to our regular auctions coverage.

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