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Energy: Net zero

Energy: Net zero | 38

This month, we focus on flexible demand, presenting commentary from contributors to the book Variable Generation, Flexible Demand, edited by Fereidoon Sioshansi. As we discuss, harnessing flexible demand makes a compelling business sense for key market participants. The commentary is timely, after episodes of power shortages in California and Texas, where having more flexible demand at scale could have made a difference.

In other articles concerning the power sector we look at a report on the technical feasibility to sustain a much higher share of renewables generation on the French electricity system. We also have articles on two different electricity supply models: one on power purchase agreements in the Nordic markets and the other on a Community Choice Electricity programme in the US.

New Zealand electric power transmission company Transpower published a programme on electrifying transport and electrifying process heat this month. We isolate these important decarbonisation issues, which will each require transformational system changes.

We consider two papers from the Council of European Energy Regulators and the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, the first on the regulation of hydrogen networks and the second on the regulatory treatment of power-to-gas technologies. The challenges revolve around developing consistent and coordinated approaches in each case.

Adding to our hydrogen coverage this month, the Nuclear Industry Association has argued how nuclear could produce one-third of the UK’s clean hydrogen needs by 2050.

Shell published a strategy to accelerate its transformation into a provider of net zero emissions energy products and services and has made notable acquisitions recently that support this aim.

We also present a write-up of our first Net Zero Business Forum of the year, where we focused on Third Party Charges.

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