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This month, we look at the UK government’s 2020 Energy White Paper, focusing on what the outlook is for businesses and supply chains in the future. The White Paper brings home the importance of energy aspects of environmental, social and corporate governance.

We consider reports from SSEN on forecasts of the proliferation of heat pumps in both licence areas under net zero scenarios.

Considering the decarbonisation of transport, we turn to two reports from the US. The first discusses tools and information for regulators to support the integration of electric vehicles (EVs). The second offers insights into how major US fleet managers are electrifying their fleets. This dovetails with our work examining opportunities, challenges and experiences for fleets converting to EVs.

We also look at two papers on the hydrogen economy: one on costs of producing green hydrogen and strategies to reduce electrolyser costs, and the other investigating which economic sectors support the hydrogen transition throughout Europe.

Also in international markets, we continue our coverage of electricity market reform in Australia. The country’s Energy Security Board recently set out reform proposals it will take forward in the post 2025 market design project. And as President Joe Biden has taken office, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been announcing steps in his State’s green energy programme, announcing the largest offshore wind programme in the US to date.

We present our latest auctions update, detailing the most significant renewables auctions from countries around the world over the last three months.

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