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The Open Networks Project: ENA responds

Nick Palmer Senior Writer

The Open Networks Project: ENA responds The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has responded to BEIS and Ofgem’s open letter on the Open Networks Project. This is a project supporting network companies to manage systems smarter while facilitating the growth of emerging flexibility services markets. In its Wednesday 2 October response, the ENA said its next steps would be: monitoring implementation of Open Networks’ outcomes and Flexibility Commitments on a six-monthly basis; planning change to deliver Distribution System Operation (DSO) through a DSO implementation plan; defining outcomes with planned timescales in the 2020 work plan; raising appropriate change within electricity network companies and/or electricity codes; and identifying any barriers to development where we may need Ofgem or BEIS policy intervention. No link SEA welcomes the new consultation for the Future Homes Standard The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) welcomed the consultation from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government on an update to the Building Regulations in 2020 to enable the Future Homes Standard, set to be introduced in 2025. In a Wednesday 2 October statement, the SEA said: “We are pleased to see the inclusion of many of our recommendations in this consultation. This includes improved energy efficiency, for new homes to have low carbon heating and heating systems should operate with a flow-rate temperature of 55°C or lower.” It also said: “We have also stressed the importance of closing the performance gap between actual and specified performance of homes and on providing more information to homeowners. ...

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