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Energy Spectrum Europe


Issue one

Neil Mearns Senior Writer

Welcome to this – the first issue of Energy Spectrum Europe, delivering insight and analysis on key developments in European energy markets. Our focus topic this month is hydrogen. We present the results of an EWI study examining the supply costs for low-carbon hydrogen produced from renewable electricity or natural gas. The results show the cost of producing hydrogen with renewable electricity varies significantly across Europe. Following this theme, we look at a report that explores a range of economic actors that have clear interests in the success of the hydrogen transition in Europe. We also consider two white papers from European regulator organisations on regulation for hydrogen networks and power-to-gas installations. Also in this issue, we look at a study that claims European distribution grids will need investments of €375-425bn until 2030 to aid the energy transition. Elsewhere, the International Energy Agency has investigated whether it would be technically feasible for the French electricity system to sustain a much higher share of renewables generation. In the UK, regulator Ofgem has recommended that an independent body is set up to operate the energy system and its transition to net zero. The decarbonisation of transport is another key element of the net zero transition, and we pull out the key elements relating to road transport that featured in the European Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. We also assess a controversial draft law, which would have allowed network operators in Germany to limit peak demand for electric vehicles. ...

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