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EPA: Ireland must implement Climate Action Plan to meet emissions target

Neil Mearns Senior Writer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projections for the period 2019-40 on 9 July. They show that, for Ireland to meet its current EU target to reduce GHG emissions by 30% by 2030, full implementation of the measures in the 2019 Climate Action Plan would need to occur. EPA projections show that full implementation of the Climate Action Plan would result in a reduction in Ireland’s total GHG emissions by up to 23% by 2030 compared to the most recent inventory levels in 2018. This reduction level translates as almost 3% average annual emissions reductions each year between 2021-30. Implementation of the “With Additional Measures” scenario is projected to save 79MtCO2 equivalent by 2030. Figure 1 shows emissions projections under “With Existing Measures” and “With Additional Measures” scenarios in selected sectors, with forecast changes in CO2 levels. In energy industries, the “With Existing Measures” scenario assumes renewable electricity generation capacity dominated by wind energy. The operation of three peat plants is also assumed. Under the “With Additional Measures” scenario, there is further expansion in wind energy as well as other renewables. It also includes the early cessation of peat plant operation. In the transport sector, full uptake of key measures set out in the Climate Action Plan include almost 1mn electric vehicles on Irish roads by 2030 and an increase in the use of biofuels. The Biofuels Obligations Scheme is key in the “With Existing Measures” scenario and is developed further in ...

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