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I-SEM Chart of the Week


House of the Rising Sun… solar’s time to shine?

Evie Doherty Senior Consultant (Ireland)

The eagerly awaited results of the first Enduring Connection Policy (ECP-1) batch application process have finally been released. This is a new system for granting connection offers for storage capacity and new generation that succeeds the previous non-Group Processing Approach (non-GPA) and “Gate” systems. The grid application process has been massively oversubscribed with 35.1GW in the queue. The 2018 batch of projects to be processed under ECP-1 are likely to commence the Irish Government’s stated policy under the Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) of diversifying the sources of renewable electricity, given the preponderance of solar. In this week’s I-SEM Chart of the Week, we consider what this outcome entails for the Irish energy market and generation mix. She would look at me… The ECP-1 2018 batch includes: 963MW of new applications, 843MW of capacity from the non-GPA process (a parallel process to the “Gate” or Group Processing Approach (GPA) that was intended to enable smaller renewable and conventional generators), and 436MW of relocated capacity. Figure 1 shows the new capacity awarded by technology. A cursory glance shows an interesting (if not unexpected) trend that the top three technologies in terms of capacity were battery, wind and solar. However, looking across the three categories (new applications, non-GPA and relocations), it emerges that solar has been successful in navigating its way to the front of the queue of projects to be processed under ECP-1 with 1,250MW of capacity compared to 450MW of wind. Figure 2 shows a ...

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