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Irish Energy Market Bulletin

Being a part of this ever-changing and increasingly globalised energy market, it is essential that industry stakeholders have access to clear, independent and reliable information on wholesale market developments.

The weekly Irish Energy Market Bulletin helps to track the key trends across power and gas markets, along with commodity market fundamentals. The report also presents a market outlook for I-SEM to help you make better investment decisions, manage risk, improve your hedging opportunities and increase your visibility of wholesale energy markets.

What does it cover?

  • Analysis of day-ahead, intraday prices, imbalance, forward power prices, IBP and NBP gas and international commodity markets.
  • Identifies and analyses key trends in the market, including dynamics in energy supply and demand, renewables generation and key market events.

Who is it designed for?

• Suppliers
• Generators
• Traders
• Investors
• Brokers
• Large consumers

Service Specification

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