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Average electric vehicle range exceeds 200 miles

Tom Lusher Analyst

New research from Cornwall Insight has revealed that the average range of electric cars available on the UK market exceeds 200 miles. This is based upon data from the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure. Range anxiety, along with a lack of standardised and accessible charging infrastructure, is a key barrier to electric vehicle (EV) adoption deterring many potential buyers. Lack of range is also a potential risk to the fleet industry, whose uptake of EVs will form a critical part of the transition in the 2020s. Fleet drivers will be unable to complete their duty cycle without sufficient range or convenient charging infrastructure. Figure 1 compares the range of electric cars and vans by class against the year they were released to the UK market. Emerging trends include: The average range for electric cars is 202 miles, whilst for vans, is far lower at 125 miles. Earlier models such as the 2011 BMW i3 and 2011 Nissan Leaf offered ranges of ~90 miles and 124 miles respectively. This indicates that range has increased significantly since the first truly commercial EVs were brought to market. City and small vehicles offer low range for urban use. From 2018 onwards, SUVs and luxury models exhibit a trend for larger batteries which offer increased range. The choice of van models are limited in the UK market, with ranges between 100-150 miles in most cases. Reports indicate that fully laden vans lose up to 70% of their unladen range, highlighting the problems in producing commercial vehicles with powerful enough batteries to make them a viable alternative. Future inter-city models will likely have greater range due to larger battery units whilst city cars will take up a low range niche for urban mobility. We further examine the trends of EV range alongside price, policy and EV market progress in our new service. Charged Up: Future Fleet informs on the fleet transition to electric power by bringing fleets, electricity and EVs together. For more information on Charged Up: Future Fleet, contact Tom Lusher at t.lusher@cornwall-insight.com.

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