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Domestic renewable heat knowledge gap revealed by BEIS

Stuart Leaver Analyst

This month, BEIS released its Public Attitudes Tracker survey for December 2018. The report outlined the public’s attitudes in respect of BEIS policies on energy, climate change and workers’ rights, and has been running since March 2012. The survey included a face-to-face in-home interview, covering a representative sample of 4,273 households in the UK. It included questions covering domestic Renewable Heating Systems, among other policies such as Clean Growth. It was also found that knowledge of renewable heat is more prevalent among higher income households, with 70% of those earning £50k per year knowing of renewable heat, compared to only 40% in the below-£16k band. This demonstrates that there is a clear income-to-knowledge disparity. The survey revealed that more still needs be done to spread awareness of renewable heat on the domestic level. This will be especially important to further expand the coverage of renewable heating in households to help meet government’s climate change and fuel poverty targets. For more insight on renewable heat developments, Pixie Energy produces a Non-domestic RHI Quarterly Report covering recent developments in the scheme. Follow the link below for a complimentary copy and information on how to subscribe.  Results for knowledge of domestic renewable heating is summarised in the accompanying chart. It illustrates that, despite the ongoing push for renewable heating across the country by government, relatively little is known about the four key technologies: solar thermal, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. Of the respondents, ...

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