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Varying supplier switching rates revealed across Scotland

Neil Mearns Senior Writer

Figures from Electralink, and released by Citizens Advice Scotland, have revealed that there is ‘huge variation’ across Scotland in the rates at which households switch their energy supplier. Residents of local authorities in the north tend to switch energy supplier much less frequently, despite potential savings being available.  The switching rate in Scotland in 2018 was around 18.2% slightly less than the 1 in 5 UK average, according to figures published by Energy UK on 21 January.  Historically, switching rates have been lower in rural and island areas, as households with restricted meters and electric heating had a limited choice of tariffs. However, more tariffs should now be available to these households. It was reported by Citizens Advice that this could help homeowners save on their energy bills, with additional analysis showing that savings of more than £150 are available to those switching supplier or energy tariff. Cornwall Insight analysis has shown that, based on tariff data for the last quarter of 2018, tariffs available in the north of Scotland are, on average, only £35 more expensive than those available in the south. This analysis considered typical consumption values for dual fuel accounts on standard variable and fixed tariffs. The analysis shows that 85.1% of households in northern Scotland have an account with a large supplier, compared to 77.7% of households in central and southern Scotland. With tariffs offered by large suppliers typically more expensive than those offered by independent suppliers, many households in northern Scotland could be saving more money on ...

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