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Hy-way: a hydrogen roadmap for Irish transport

Tom Lusher Analyst

The Hydrogen Mobility Ireland consortium, formed to develop and oversee an implementation strategy to introduce the use of hydrogen for mobility in Ireland, published its vision for hydrogen in transport in October. The report, A Hydrogen Roadmap for Irish Transport, 2020-2030, was compiled by Element Energy following input from industrial, policy and academic stakeholders. The objectives of the project were to: Develop a strategy to introduce hydrogen vehicles and related infrastructure (hydrogen production and refuelling sites) into Ireland between 2019 and 2030. Set out the business case for industry actors to invest in a profitable hydorgen market in Ireland. Understand the policies required for the hydrogen mobility to grow in Ireland. Service stations The study includes a range of key findings spanning infrastructure, vehicles, business case and policy. Infrastructure is naturally a key enabler to hydrogen-powered mobility in Ireland. The report indicates that hydrogen refuelling infrastructure can be delivered by industry with limited government support. At present, there is a business case for industry players to invest in hydrogen transport, assuming that the government can provide some level of grant funding for early projects. This will act to de-risk investment while ensuring that hydrogen presents a positive contribution to Ireland’s implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive II. The study presents a phased approach to rolling out both hydrogen refulling and production facilities. Our chart this week illustrates this phased rollout. Phase 1, the initial deployment phase, would see 3 filling stations and 2 production sites constructed in and around Dublin. This would be ...

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