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Old friends: the hidden good side of the EU

James Goldsmith Senior Consultant (Ireland)

In a week that has brought us further into the Brexit mire, I think it is important to highlight some of the good work that the EU and European Commission (EC) does behind the scenes of the energy industry. In particular, how research funding can be used to expand on the developments being pioneered in European states to create real value for industry.   The EU Sysflex project is being led by EirGrid and SONI, having received €20mn in funding to increase the level of renewable energy integration into the European grid systems. The project’s main task is to identify the challenges and solutions to system operation with high penetrations of wind, solar and other non-synchronous renewable generation on the electricity networks.  This week’s I-SEM Chart of the Week looks at the results that this project hopes to achieve, as Europe targets 50% of generation from renewables by 2030. Winter companions The EU Sysflex project will look at harmonising the approach to system services and data management on a pan-European level. A key tenet of the project is the need for cooperation across a number of jurisdictions. The integrated nature of frequency management means that all parties in the European grid structure need to be involved from the ground up in an ambitious project of this magnitude. To do this, the EC has brought in industry experts, stakeholders and market participants from 15 countries (see Figure 1). Ireland’s expertise The System Operators in Ireland and Northern ...

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