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    Addressing consumer harms in the non-domestic market

    In recent months, Ofgem has shone a light on areas across both the domestic and non-domestic market where suppliers could improve their practices for customers and go beyond what they are obligated to do in the licence conditions. In a time of significant and extended volatility, the regulator has brought...

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    A look back at 2020 part 3

    As we take our first steps into 2021, we continue to look back at the biggest developments in the UK energy markets in 2020, setting us up for the significant year ahead. The mergers and exits from the supply market that were seen in 2019 continued into 2020 and led...

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    The ups and downs of energy supply: Brand and technology can make the difference in retail energy

    Three events in the last week have shown not only the contrasting fortunes in the energy supply market but also the roles of brand and technology in enabling success. The events are the credit default under electricity wholesale balancing rules of very small supplier Gen4U, the new energy supply deal...