• Energy storage and flexibility

    Batteries, the Capacity Market and the challenge of Extended Performance – Part 2

    In a previous blog published on Monday 25 October, we discussed the issue of Extended Performance Tests within the GB Capacity Market (CM). In summary, due to degradation overtime it is currently not possible for batteries to be paid for their full capacity in the CM without risking significant fines....

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    What the T-1 auction does and doesn’t tell us about the upcoming T-4 auction

    The T-1 Capacity Market (CM) auction cleared on Thursday 1 February 2018 in round 14 at £6/kW. 5.78GW of capacity won an agreement for delivery year 2018-19 at an estimated cost for the consumer of £34mn. This is the second one-year ahead auction that has cleared lower than expectations; what does this...