Senior Consulting Analyst

  • Consultancy

    Catherine Edwards

    Catherine is a Senior Consulting Analyst at Cornwall Insight and focuses on providing consultancy support as well as content for some of its many publications such as Energy Spectrum Ireland. Some of Catherine's other projects include: providing support on consultancy work regarding electric vehicles, developing a new consultations register and...

  • Consultancy

    Jacob Briggs

    Jacob is a Senior Consulting Analyst, focussing on transport decarbonisation, the retail sector, and innovation and new offerings. Through his work providing market entry and business model support around electric vehicle charging, Jacob has been involved in the development and implementation of commercial strategies, identifying opportunities, and engaging with policy...

  • Consultancy

    Rowan Hazell

    Rowan works within the Consultancy team, focusing on smart metering, electricity governance, and policy and regulatory developments impacting on energy suppliers and generators. He also helps to deliver our monthly Energy Supplier Forums and presents on several of our training courses. Rowan has worked on a number of projects during...