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Testimonials from Our Clients

The best, and perhaps only way of keeping track of the many complex and varied changes in the energy market
A medium supplier

The information, insight and advice provide Cornwall Insight helps me with my job. Thank you guys and please keep it up

Electricity regulation can be an absolute minefield, especially when you are new to the industry. The sheer volume change is often overwhelming. Cornwall Insight’s regulatory reports help me to identify the most important changes and those that will impact our business the most. The Alerts are invaluable for summarising lengthy documents and save me hours of time. If I need help with an interpretation, or just a second opinion, the team at Cornwall Insight are always happy to give me their view or point me in the right direction.
Haven Power

“If you need to find something out these days, you tend just 'Google' it. But if it has anything to do with energy then you'd be better off to 'Cornwall Insight' it instead. As an Ofgem Confidence Code member for domestic energy; #1 broker for SME; right the way through to a fast-growing I&C division, our appetite for market information is insatiable but Cornwall Insight manages to be consistent in serving up something new every day.”
Make it Cheaper

“Cornwall Insight provides informative, insightful intelligence about the UK energy industry; it understands the key issues and is rigorous in its analysis of both the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Energy Spectrum is one of my favourite publications, the breadth and depth of its content is exceptional”
Lazarus Partnership

Over the past 10 years Cornwall Insight has helped staff in Ofgem keep abreast of and understand developments in the energy industry

“Energy spectrum and the Daily bulletin are essential reading for anyone involved in the energy sector. The publications are accurate, to the point and always contain something I need to know.”
Spencer AM

Cornwall Insight’s daily Bulletin and weekly Spectrum are outstanding in terms of breadth of coverage, speed and accuracy of reporting, depth of informed analysis and ease of presentation. Indispensable for anyone involved in the energy sector and a pleasure to read. Nigel and colleagues are to be congratulated on this tremendous achievement.
Former energy regulator, Stephen Littlechild

‘Through all the massive and ongoing changes in the energy market Cornwall Insight really distils perfectly what we need to know. This saves me and my team tonnes of time wadding through everything and allows us to focus in detail on what really effects our business and customers’

Our monthly market report provides invaluable insight in to the energy markets and is both enjoyed and shared by customers and colleagues alike. Feedback received over the years emphasises the quality of the information provided and helps to keep our customers updated and informed on important legislation and market changes that could and would affect their organisation.
A third party intermediary