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    What impact will the Congestion Relief Market have? | Energy Market Alert (free webinar)

    Transmission congestion occurs where there is a bottleneck on the transmission grid, often because renewable generation sources are located far from load centres and sufficient transmission infrastructure. To address this, the Energy Security Board has proposed a Congestion Relief Market (CRM) to provide price incentives to relieve congestion. Cornwall Insight...

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Driving Carbon out of Healthcare

    Join Cornwall Insight and Rutland Forums for a thought-provoking free webinar that will focus on the energy market and the challenges that hospitals face in meeting their cost and net zero targets. Our expert panellists will share key insights on energy risks and opportunities and how policy and geopolitics impact...

  • Business supply and services

    Keeping The Lights On 2.0: How the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS) affects your business

    Businesses are looking for some clarity around their energy pricing. Our experts will speak alongside manufacturing and consumer markets sector experts from HSBC UK to discuss the energy market landscape and how to plan for the future. The webinar will help businesses to understand what the new Energy Bill Discount...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Free webinar | GB Battery Sector Update and Archetypal Curves

    This webinar will provide an update on recent developments in the GB battery sector, including market trends, revenue stream considerations and findings from our Archetypal Battery Curves. Register here