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    Introduction to Irish electricity markets

    The next course runs across two days. Session 1: 24 Oct, 2023 2:00pm - 4:00pm Session 2: 25 Oct, 2023 2:00pm - 4:00pm Essential training for anyone new to the Irish electricity markets. Designed to benefit all professional and academic roles where a basic understanding of the Irish electricity markets...

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    Commercial considerations of electricity network charging reform   

      This course is comprised of these sessions across three days: Session 1: TBC Session 2: TBC Session 3: TBC Reform of electricity network charging and access arrangements has been ongoing for a number of years. New ways of charging the users of electricity networks have been developed. The changes,...

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    GB wholesale energy markets and risk management

    This course runs across four days: Session 1: 30 Jan 2024 10am – 12pm Session 2: 31 Jan 2024 10am – 12pm Session 3: 01 Feb 2024 10am – 12pm Session 4: 02 Feb 2024 10am – 12pm Wholesale markets are at the heart of the GB energy sector. In...

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    Transmission and intra/interconnectors (free webinar)

    By this time, everybody in the energy industry must have already partly acknowledged that we are transitioning to a low-carbon economy. The days for high carbon-emitting technologies are numbered. Developments around variable renewable energy across the NEM continually occur, but does it end there? Not at all. The transmission system...

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    EVs in Australia – on the road to net zero (free webinar)

    This free webinar explores the role that Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources may have to play in the future of the NEM. It will examine the opportunities and issues that arise as these resources are adopted by households, as the grid transforms on the pathway to a net zero...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Energy Masterclass Series: Draft ISP and the Energy Storage Rule Change

    2022 Energy Masterclass Series with Baker McKenzie and Cornwall Insight Australia Webinar 1: Draft ISP and the Energy Storage Rule Change Australia's energy markets are currently undergoing significant transformation as the energy sector pushes forward with the energy transition to a net-zero carbon economy. The Energy Security Board (ESB) and...

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    LCOH2 forecasting | Hydrogen developments (free webinar)

    Join us to learn about developments in the Australian hydrogen sector, including:• insights into electrolyser operating models and implications for future hydrogen costs• discussion of state government incentive schemes• our analysts’ thoughts on the most viable use cases and markets for hydrogen

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    The future of power prices (free webinar)

    Have you ever wondered how the prices in the NEM will change as we transition to zero-emission in the energy industry? Or what industry aspect will most significantly influence how we supply and price electricity? Join us to discuss the future of power prices at our free webinar.

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Energy Masterclass Series: Future Fuels – the Commonwealth Government strategy and market, regulatory, and contractual insights

    2021 Energy Masterclass Series: Future Fuels - the Commonwealth Government strategy and market, regulatory and contractual insightsThe third and final Masterclass session for 2021 will provide insights and an overview of the Future Fuels Strategy and hydrogen and bio-fuels energy strategy as proposed by the Commonwealth Government's Department of Industry,...

  • BIEE conference | Energy for a net zero society

    Join us and others on September 13 -14 to debate how to achieve a green recovery and a just transition to a net zero society at the British Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE) conference in Oxford and online. Leading figures from across the sector will address how policy, infrastructure and...

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    Net zero transition: Low carbon heat

    This course runs across three days: Session 1: 09 Jan 10am – 12pm Session 2: 10 Jan 10am – 12pm This session, part of Cornwall Insight’s ‘Net zero transition’ training series, will unpack the challenge’s scale ahead, current and future policies, and potential decarbonisation trajectories in the low carbon heat...

  • Energy Storage and flexibility

    Financing net zero

    The Financing net zero forum keeps you informed of the critical issues and helps you evaluate the opportunities and challenges involved in funding decarbonisation and related topics in the UK and abroad. Our experts will take you through the very latest regulatory, policy, market and industry news, so you can...

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    Future of gas: path to net zero

    This market insight webinar unpacks the latest policy developments that impact on the gas market and how market conditions may change for existing parties, be they suppliers, shippers, or network companies. The net zero emission target and future energy supply and demand scenarios all point to the future of the...

  • Net zero corporates and ESG

    Energy net zero forum

    Our online Energy net zero forum offers members the opportunity to benefit from Cornwall Insight’s expertise and insight on energy policy, regulation and markets. The forum is aimed at large corporate and public sector consumers and individuals involved in energy management, procurement and CSR. The forum will be supported by...