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Gas Settlements: From the Meter to the Bank

Gas markets require accurate quantification of gas flows onto and from networks, but the majority of meters are not read frequently enough to have immediate actual data for each settlement period. Gas Settlements: From the Meter to the Bank will help you understand the mechanics that underpin central industry cashflows and charges that arise from the process of settling metered energy volumes.

Who’s it for?

  • those looking to increase their knowledge of the settlement landscape
  • those working in the energy industry who have limited knowledge of settlement
  • people working for companies that support those in the energy industry

What does it cover?

  • gas volume allocation
  • settlement, forecasting, finance and metering
  • commercial objectives
  • network, imbalance, and subsidy costs
  • performance obligations
  • Project Nexus

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“Interesting and informative. Content was excellent and I learned a lot. Very detailed and the speakers are very well informed.”

Michael O, Utility Partnership

20 February 2014