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Flexibility Fundamentals in the NEM

The Australian electricity market is currently undergoing significant change, through a combination of fossil fuel plant closures and new renewables being built, as a result of this new revenues and opportunities are developing for flexibility providers.   

This one-day course focuses on the National Electricity Market (NEM) and introduces the key principles, definitions, concepts, and requirements for the procuring and provision of services to ensure the electricity system is sufficiently flexible to ensure security of supply.

The course is led by two Cornwall Insight market experts and will help demystify the role and requirements for flexibility, how business cases can be developed and future considerations such as emerging technologies, the network access review (COGATI) and interconnection.    

Who’s it for?

  • Investors and developers
  • Energy generators (renewables and fossil fuels)
  • Storage and Demand Side service providers
  • Energy retailers

What does it cover?

  • Explanation of flexibility and the scale of the requirement/ opportunity
  • Flexibility revenue streams and business cases
  • How different technologies can offer flexibility
  • Future challenges and opportunities
  • Regulatory reviews and rule changes
  • Case studies and exercises



Next GB Course:
28th November 2019

Upcoming course dates for
Flexibility Fundamentals in the NEM

  • 28th November 2019

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