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International Renewables Auctions

Carbon emission reduction targets have created a huge global need for low-carbon generation, but historically this has not been able to compete with fossil fuels in wholesale markets. Subsidies have supported the deployment of hundreds of GWs of low-carbon generation globally, and paved the way to falling levelised costs of electricity from low-carbon generation sources. Using auction mechanisms, as opposed to build-and-accredit, has allowed a competitive element to drive costs even lower – so low in some jurisdictions that merchant renewable generation assets are now viable. But subsidy remains vital in many markets to support or de-risk investments.

In this one-day training course, we look at the aims, structure and format of renewable subsidy schemes, through the lens of European and global examples. We will consider what goals schemes are looking to meet and how the underlying structure and history of auctions has delivered – or failed to deliver – these ambitions. Finally, we look at the future role of subsidy now that renewables are reaching cost-parity with fossil-fuel generation, and whether there is a continuing role for auctions in the new world.

Who’s it for?

  • Renewables developers
  • Investors
  • Policy makers

What does it cover?

  • Why are renewables subsidised?
  • Introduction to common forms of mechanisms
  • Case studies on European and global subsidy auctions
  • Critical comparison of case studies, highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • The future of renewable generation

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CCT Venue Barbican
Aldersgate House
135-137 Aldersgate Street

Price: £595 + VAT

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International Renewables Auctions

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International Renewables Auctions

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