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Project finance for energy

15th - 17th June 2021

Price: £595 + VAT

Securing finance is a critical step in the path to project commercialisation. This advanced-level training session will help you understand how equity investors and debt providers assess, quantify and translate risks and opportunities into financing structures for energy projects.

Our experts will explain how energy project risks are identified and categorised and how finance is structured. Exercises and case studies are used to show the scale of the investment challenge in the GB energy sector and contracts and financing trade-offs.

Designed for

  • Those looking to increase their knowledge of energy investment trends and practice.
  • Those requiring a more in-depth knowledge of how investors in energy projects evaluate, account for and manage risks.
  • Those directly involved in the negotiation of project and financial documentation.
  • Practitioners engaged directly or indirectly in financial modelling energy investment.

Areas of focus

  • Types of finance, funding and contract structure
  • Categories of risk in energy projects
  • Due diligence
  • Capacity, output and availability as currencies
  • Wholesale market fundamentals
  • Categories of revenue

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