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Commercial Dynamics of the Balancing Mechanism Webinar

Cornwall Insight experts will be hosting a webinar on the morning of 23 May in which we will provide insights on current and future activity and opportunities for Balancing Mechanism participants.

With the GB and European power generation markets undergoing large-scale transformation, moving away from large transmission connected, baseload generators and towards more intermittent and decentralised forms of generation, the Balancing Mechanism and wider European system balancing is changing as a result. This shift has seen previous mainstays of the power generation market come under commercial and operational stress, creating space and opportunity for newer entrants to participate in the Balancing Mechanism and create additional revenue streams for their assets.

This Balancing risk and reward in the Balancing Mechanism session, the first in a series of planned webinars on the prospects and challenges facing parties offering or seeking services to help manage the network, will give an overview of the Balancing Mechanism and the role it plays in ensuring the Electricity System Operator manages supply and demand.  

Our well-respected experts will provide key insights into the revenue opportunities that Balancing Mechanism participation can create, and discuss how different technologies are faring—from older ‘conventional’ generation assets to newer, smaller and more ‘flexible’ assets. We will also discuss the contractual and commercial routes to access the Balancing Mechanism and give a view on how the mix of participants may change in the near future.

The session will conclude with a Q&A session with our experts.

The lead presenter will be Tom Edwards, BSC Panel Member and industry authority on the Balancing Mechanism and balancing services.

Who’s it for?

  • Asset developers
  • Investors
  • Generation owners and operators
  • Capacity Market participants
  • Aggregators
  • Storage owners and operators

Booking Information

Price: £99 + VAT (for access to the ‘live’ webinar, and recording of the session post-event)

Note: Participants will be provided with a web link ahead of the session and be provided with a summary of the Q&A session shortly after the event. A recording of the session will be made available for those unable to make this broadcast time.

Sorry there are currently no upcoming dates, please contact Vanessa Murphy on 01603 602115 or via email

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