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Commercial implications of Ofgem’s electricity network Targeted Charging Review

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Our experts will detail the commercial and practical impact on generators, storage assets, suppliers and consumers of Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review. We will explain how the new arrangements will increase or decrease costs associated for flowing power to or from the electricity networks. An update will also be provided on the latest regulatory developments to implement the regulator’s decision to overhaul how electricity network charges are levied and when changes are likely to be introduced. Specifically, our experts will focus on the state of play of modifications to the CUSC and DCUSA industry codes to change how residual elements of use of system charges will be recovered. We will also provide insight on the latest BSUoS Taskforce recommendations.

This is the first of two Market Insight webinars on Ofgem’s programme of work to reform electricity network charging arrangements. The second, to be scheduled for early 2021, will give insight on how the regulator’s work to update network access charging arrangements will impact on different network users.

Who’s it for?

  • Generators
  • Suppliers
  • Storage asset operators and optimisers
  • Consumers and large end users
  • Developers
  • Third Party Intermediaries
  • Investors
  • Legal firms

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