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Private wire generation: Commercial opportunities and challenges


Price: £99(+VAT)

Our experts will describe the regulatory, licensing, business case and commercial model considerations for developers of the ‘private wire’ generation. The landscape for the deployment of generation assets that are directly connected to a consumer’s site via a private remains strong. Developments typically look to reduce a customer’s electricity costs and improve the user’s low-carbon credentials.

In this Market Insight webinar we will detail the market rules for private wire arrangements and set out the potential for avoided costs and accessing Capacity Market and system services revenues. We will also explain the key commercial considerations, including end-user and developer risk sharing, and use examples to demonstrate how different technology set-ups gives rise to different challenges and opportunities. The session will conclude with a look at upcoming policy and regulatory developments that impact on private wire arrangements.

Designed for:

  • Low-carbon generation and storage developers
  • Large end-users
  • Market advisors

Sorry there are currently no upcoming dates, please contact us on 01603 602115 or via email

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