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Working for Cornwall

Working for Cornwall

Our staff tell us that there are lots of good reasons to work at Cornwall Insight. Read on below to find out about the talented workforce we have here at Cornwall, and why they are proud to be part of our journey.


Gareth Miller

Chief Executive Officer

I joined Cornwall as a consultant in 2012, following eleven years working predominantly in banking and finance in the City of London, and a two year spell at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The move was part of a relocation of our young family from the capital to Norwich where my wife grew up, and where we wanted to raise our two young children. 

Working in London in my twenties was electric, and a career in banking that spanned the mid to late 2000’s certainly made for an eventful life, even if not always stress free. It was always going to feel different moving from a large city, big company lifestyle to where I am today. But it is has been the best move of my career. Norwich has its own unique and authentic charm. It balances a relaxed atmosphere, old world charm, modern sophistication and easy proximity to the capital. This genuinely makes it the best of all worlds as a destination to base a national business like Cornwall, as well as a great place for family life. 

Cornwall as a business is going places, with an innovative and fast moving and innovative mind set, a loyal and growing customer base, a respected industry profile and huge talent within all parts of the business.

Better still, the culture is hard working, with an emphasis on commitment to customer service, product excellence and continual personal and business improvement. But it is also flexible, focussing not on the accumulation of time in the office, but on the delivery of high quality service to our clients. Whether or not that happens through home or office based working, part or full time commitments is far less relevant than the ensuring positive impact on our customers through the work we deliver.

Now I support Cornwall as a Non-executive Director and a part time consultant. The extra breathing space offers an opportunity to reflect on the journey the business has been on date, and to plan for all the exciting times ahead of us. It’s been wonderful to have been involved so far, and I hope to help my colleagues realise their potential, and in doing so the full potential of this great business.


Ali Forbes

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

I joined Cornwall in December 2009 after completing my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences with a year in industry. Over my time at the company I have been witness to a number of exciting developments, most obviously the significant growth that we have seen.

Back when I started my career at Cornwall we were based in a holiday cottage located in the grounds of Nigel’s home in the north Norfolk countryside; complete with a menagerie of animals, including Dan the dog and a rather large flock of chickens. While this was a lovely place to work our current offices in Norwich city centre (at the Forum for those who know this lovely city) are fantastic.

One of the best things about working for Cornwall is that the company genuinely makes a big effort to attract and keep talented people. We regularly hold team social events, have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of employee incentives and perks and have swapped the chickens for a table tennis table, a life-sized cut-out of Mr Bean (don’t ask!), a collection of giant rubber ducks, and a rather large dragon! You are of course are expected to work hard, but our culture is one of collaboration and teamwork, rather than competition.

The fact that many of the team are shareholders in the business, alongside senior management, also means we all have a vested interest in the success of the company and are keen to do all we can to help the business grow.

Alex Wynn

Energy Analyst

I first came to Cornwall in September 2014 on a Year in Industry placement as part of my undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences. My time was split between contributing to market intelligence reports and assisting with service delivery, which gave me an insight into both what the company was doing and how the business was run. I really enjoyed my placement at Cornwall, which led me to the decision to return in June 2016 after completing my degree. It was fantastic to come back to the company and see how much it had grown and developed in the short space of time I had been away, which meant that although there were many familiar faces when I came back (and lots of new faces too!), there were (and are still) new opportunities for me and lots to learn upon returning.

A large attraction of coming back to Cornwall was that I enjoyed being part of such a supportive team. Aside from collaboration within the office, there are regular social events put on by the company and a friendly team to get to know which has made settling in to life in Norwich after university much easier.


James Cunningham

Year in Industry student

I began my placement at Cornwall in 2015 as part of my degree in Environmental Geophysics and from the start I found it a fun and interesting place to work.

Even through my short time here I have seen a huge amount of change in the company, not least in the number of staff employed here and I feel proud to have been a part of it. Everyone in our office is aware of the high standards with which we view our work, but that doesn’t stop us from all having fun too. We regularly have team socials and during the afternoon you can normally find someone playing table tennis. Another aspect of the company, which I believe sets us apart from a number of others, is the sense of approachability of every member of the team. If you have a question everyone in the office is happy to help, all the way up to the managing director.

The work, while sometimes challenging, is always interesting and there’s never a dull day. Despite only being at the company a relatively short period of time I have been tasked with contributing to a number of reports and projects. Throughout these the support I have received from my colleagues has helped me to improve and progress in a number of areas that I’m sure will be a great help when I go back to university.